why do our tradition see charity as a resposnsibility to society.

Itis the responsibility of every to give charity, and it should be given to deserving people.It should only be given to person who can put into the best use , otherwise it is virtuous. never expect nothing in charity is imparting knowledge. feeding person is momentary but imparting knowledge is permenant support. As per bhavishya purana three kinds of charity are particularly meritorious - Godhana which is giving of cow, Bhu dana which is giving up of land, Vidhya dhana which is giving of knowledge. Its is beleived that the benefits of theses three continues for seven generation and one who expect something in return gets papam for next seven generations.when the donor donates with love and devotion and benefactor  receives with the same sentiment both goes to heven . when ther is disrespectin giving or receiving both goes to hell.with whatever sentiments one gives charity ,it returns in the sama way.

Gau dhana

sponsoring  one cow or daily expense for the cow.  

Bhoo Dhana

sponsoring land for our upcomming project of gau shala - cow shelter  and pathashala - spiritual schools

Vidya Dhana

sponsoring  traditional  spiritual initiation rituals and classes for the poor sadhakas and children.

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why do our tradition see charity as a resposnsibility to society. Itis the responsibility of every to give charity, and it should be given to deserving...
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