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Thousands of years back one Great Guru  (kula avadhuta) who was Brahma vidya upasaka only in a kaupinam walked over the valapattanam river in cannanore district and entered place called Azhikkal,much to the surprise of the local people.On his journey over the river near to valapattanam fort . The great guru called the Raja of Kolaswaroopam as “Ottavalukaran”, meaning the king who has a sword with hole .Kings attandents informed him that a man in kaupinam who has poorva shika has called him  ottavalu(sword with hole).The king asked his attendents to bring brahman to his palace. The Brahman was brought to the palace by the army chiefs who belongs Chengunni murikencherry Family of kelu Nayanar. King Asked the Brahman to show hole on the Sword. Brahman  pulled one hair from his shikha and pushed it through a minute hole in the sword.“A king should have Sookshma Drishti ..Only then he will be able to see and analyse many things around him” uttered the great Brahman. The Raja was not convinced. He thought that the Guru was just a magician who played a trick on him.He told the guru that if he has real powes or “Siddhis” he has to defeat his palace Mantrika who belongs to Yogi Sampradya.The great Guru used his Dhanurveda Siddhi and Every one in the palace felt paralyzed by the magic spell by the great guru.

The King felt angry and humiliated but he pretend like having bhakti.In his mind he planned another test for the Brahman.He requested the Brahman to do upacharam to his kula Devata by performing Guruti tarpanam. Normally the vessel used for performing the Guruti tarpanam will be small. After the tarpanam the person performing the tarpanam has to turn the vessel upside down indicating the culmination of the ritual. The king ordered his attendants to get a huge cauldron for guruti tarpanam which was pulled by elephant and kept for Guruti tarpanam.The King thought that the guru will fail miserably in performing the tarpana.Adi Guru of Meppad performed the guruti tarpana to the mother godess of kolaswaroopam  chanting a shloka called mantra Gadyam and invoked the goddess and by finishing the tarpana he called Devi “Amme Sri porkali... Chamunda”The mother goddess appeared on the urali(cauldron) and it broke into two . Seeing this the king of kolaswaroopam ,the army cheif , and the Yogis Bowed him and praised him as Shiva and became his disciples .The King Praised him and accepted him as Guru natha .  This  great yogi  spend rest of life on a hilly forest  on the banks of river valapattanam.

Later two dwijas (boys) from kashi after their upanayanam in the quest of the secret behind gayatri which is  called  srividya reached Meppad  and get initiated in the tradition of kularnanava. They were adopted  as  children from which the family tradtion started  . Later The temple puja was taken care by the matriarchy system . But patriarchal side always gave great scholars , teachers  ,sanyasis , avadhoots etc  . Last generation they had   Prakshananda swamikkal (shishya of ramananda swamikkal Durveswar mutt ,kasi and Guru ofBhagavata ratna kallayi vishnu nampoodiri and author of gayatrimantratha prakashika and many books published by Sri Ramakrishna Ashram) who was vedanti, samayachri and Aryavaidya. This generation came Swami nadanta anandanatha saraswati (shishya of Amritanandanatha )great practictioner and teacher of srividya .

Adi Gurukkal of Meppad  practiced kauliki kriya which isyoga marga practice and had his Samadhi was in yogagni (the yogic fire). The temple(mantrashala) and the secret Brahmavidya Gurmandal pratishta is build at that place .His Kula Devata ,and upasana moorthies are also secretly still worshipped at the temple which is called as meppad kalari or Meppad mantrashala.There are other stories related to Parashurama also.The relation and the practice of srividya  with Chirakkal Raja family continued till the time of chirakkal Ramamvarma valiya raja and Meppad Valiya Raman Gurukkal. Nadantaananda natha saraswati / ananda  battraka got connected to this tradition through his grand father Meppad kammaran gurukkal who was born in this tradition and later became the Disciple of Brahma Sree Madhavacharya Swamikkal a yogi of Srividya tradition (paripayi sampradaya and from panniyottillam). Swami nadanta reloaded meppad sampradaya  and para prasad srividya tradition which follows the  Tripurasundari  rahasyam and  kularnava kriya padhatti of urdwamnaya.









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